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Based on the laws and regulations issued by SAMA, neither the Insurer nor the Insured is entitled to cancel this Policy after its issuance, except in the following cases:
1. Cancellation of the motor vehicle registration (Estimara);
2. Transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle to another owner;
3. The existence of an alternative insurance policy covering the remaining period of the policy to be cancelled.

The process of linking the insurance policy to Najm is completely electronic, as each company differs in the speed of linking documents, some companies take minutes and some companies up to 24 hours, but the #BCare platform system electronically notifies the companies’ systems and the operations team also follows up on all operations.

A program approved by the Shariah Board, which provides comprehensive coverage for travelers on international flights from risks related to traveling outside Saudi Arabia

It is a new insurance product for Saudi citizens under the age of 18, to protect them while traveling abroad from a number of risks while traveling, including the risk of infection with the emerging coronavirus.


The establishment of Amin Insurance Brokerage Company came in (2017 AD), and Amin became a distinguished addition to the insurance market, as it provided innovative and safe insurance solutions to its clients. The role of the company is not limited to selling insurance policies only, but also extends to providing a wide range of the best products, services, consultations and insurance coverages. We have refined our experience with understanding We are keen to follow the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in providing the best prices to our customers with high quality commensurate with their requirements, needs and capabilities

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